Involving Communities Ltd


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Involving Communities Ltd

Helping you see the service you provide
through the eyes of your clients

Involving Communities helps you to understand your people –
your communities of staff, clients, beneficiaries and wider stakeholders. 
We design strategies to reach and engage with them, we consult with them, design projects and solutions for and with them, 
ultimately we help you benefit from really knowing them. 

We can work with your community to:

  • support your charity’s development
  • design or improve projects and services
  • provide evidence of need (funding applications)
  • prepare for change or reorganisation
  • establish public opinion
  • investigate internal conflict

Focusing on the user experience,
we capture opinions and insights 
and embed them into 
project, service or organisation
re-development or delivery.

We have a web page designed to support managers, trustees and founders of charities. 
Click the link

We use anthropological research methods and techniques to review your PrivatePublic 
Third Sector 
business, service or project.

We’re passionate about user-centred services and the user’s experience.

We are totally committed to the success of your project, as your success is our success.

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