All Sectors Covered


 We are Researchers and Development Consultants to the
Public, Private and Third Sectors.

Our aim is to help you see, feel and think
like the users of your services or products,
(this includes your staff, your beneficiaries,
your tenants or your community).   

Using anthropological methods, tools and concepts,
we provide actionable insight
to help you design and/or improve
your product, service
or your ways of working.
We provide a user-centred service.


Please select the sector of interest to you

Business/Corporate anthropologists.
We explore your internal cultures to diagnose obstacles to progress.

User Experience Researchers
We use our sector experience to access and survey your users in the discovery and design phase of your product development or digital transformation. 

Community and Resident
Involvement Consultants

We work with your communities, residents or tenants to establish and incorporate their opinion –
especially when aiming towards
service improvement.

By championing the user experience among your staff, trustees and volunteers,
you can build a user-centric culture within your organisation.
Keep your users
at the heart of everything you do.

We work with or for your charity. 
In addition to project design, planning and monitoring, we can help you provide Evidence of Need. By surveying your beneficiaries, the resultant reports support fundraising applications and are useful when planning strategic development, on a project or organisational level.

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