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Helping you see your company, service or project
 through the eyes of your clients

Keep your users at the heart of everything you do.





By championing the user experience amongst your staff, board and stakeholders, 
you can build a user-centred culture within your organisation.

We’re passionate about the user experience.
We capture opinions and insights and embed them into project, service and organisation design, re-development or delivery.

Voluntary Sector


Funding your organisation or a project, in this uncertain economic climate, is perhaps the biggest challenge to charities and community groups today.

Are you thinking of applying for funding to develop a new project or to expand the charity?
What’s stopping you?

Are you struggling to prove your service is needed?
You know instinctively that your new idea will work, but can you convince funders there will be take-up?
We can provide Evidence of Need

Are you fit for growth?
Can you prove it?
Do you have an organisational strategy?
Are your policies and processes up to date?
Is the prospect of all the preparatory work preventing you from taking the first step?

Hand the work over to us and we’ll complete it with the minimum of disruption to your day to day operations.

Read more about what we can do to help

Community Groups

Whether you are just starting up or haven't yet decided whether your idea for your community project will work, we can help. Looking for funding to help you develop?

We are qualified fundraisers, so can help with that too either designing a strategy, suggesting fundraising activities and possible funders or making applications.

Recognising that community groups are often talent rich but financially poor, we often offer our services on a Pro Bono – expenses only – basis.
Don’t let the thought of paying expenses put you off, if we can help with advice over the phone, for example, no expenses will be incurred. 

Contact us to see if you qualify for our free service

Private Sector

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Business Anthropology

The success of your business depends on everyone doing the best job they can do. But what if your teams seem to be at loggerheads? What if one team appears to be frustrated and stressed but nobody can verbalise the problem? We explore your internal cultures to diagnose obstacles to progress.

How would your employees describe their experience of working with or for you?
Do you know?
Do you care?

Does every member of your organisation share the same mission and vision? 
Are you sure?
How do you know?

Do you have a large turnover of staff?
Do you know why?
More importantly, do you want to know why? 

User Experience Research

User Experience is our business. The earlier you find out what your customers - or potential customers - think of your idea, the better. Do they want it? Will they use it? Will they be able to use it? Are they ready for a change? Will they grow frustrated if a program or product doesn't work as they expect?

"One person 
doing UX research
costs much less than having a project or development team implement a couple of features during five sprints."

We can conduct the research required to answer those questions. 
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Public Sector

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Social Housing Sector

Do you struggle to engage with specific client groups in your community? We design (and can conduct) creative methods of involving your communities in decisions leading to service development and improvement. See our ABC of Resident Involvement.

We have worked for many Social Housing Providers. We’ve worked with residents to write Compacts; we’ve helped create robust methods of reviewing services; we’ve trained staff and residents in equality and diversity; we’ve helped prepare departments for audit – which involved reviewing every aspect of service provision. 

Public Sector

We consult with your communities to establish reasons for, and solutions to, lack of engagement in services.

We have conducted research on behalf the NHS – Dental Services and other departments. 
Read more…

In 2001, we conducted a community consultation to support the – subsequently successful – application of Newcastle under Lyme for Sure Start funding.

Involving Communities helps you understand your community by involving them in the process.

We apply anthropological research methods and techniques to review your PrivatePublic or Third Sector business, service or project.

We are more affordable than agencies or recruitment.


We will only work with you if we can make a real, positive difference;
we never sell services simply for our own benefit!
We are totally committed to the success of your project, as your success is our success.

*Provide evidence of need for funding applications

*Design projects to help achieve your charitable objects

*Support the manager of your charity, relieving some of the stress

*Identify causes of inter-departmental discord (helping you to incorporate change more smoothly)

*Conduct development workshops and focus groups so your users and beneficiaries help you to prioritise.


*Design appropriate projects and 
methods of involvement

*Conduct consultations

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