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Introducing Alidra

Where managers of third sector organisations find the confidential support they need, when they need it. Alidra emerged quite naturally; increasingly, new managers of charitable organisations (or managers of new charitable organisations) were asking for support. They didn’t quite need ongoing mentoring, rather they had hit a situation of which they had little or no experience and … Read moreIntroducing Alidra

Introducing Communities and the User Experience

Communities and the User Experience

Communities can be as large or as small as you can imagine; the people in your town or street, your organisation, department or team; your Sunday football team and your mums and toddler group are all examples of communities.
When you provide a service or product, considering your users’ experience is key to a successful and ongoing relationship. You want your website, product, shop or app to be used, you want new subscribers and for existing ones to return.
When did you last consider your user’s experience of your product?

Start-ups are generally better at asking for feedback during the development stage, existing organisations are not quite as good.
If you are continually expanding your range, pages, features, ask your community what they think. Don’t assume you know.
Ask, create, build, ask again. 
User Experience isn’t a term reserved for digital environments; resident involvement, tenant or community engagement is capturing the user experience; the process of gathering data to supplement charity funding applications, or information to insert in your business plan – providing Evidence of Need – are all examples of capturing the user’s experience.

Whether you run a poll, design a survey or hold a focus group (online or off), creativity is key.
If you are a writer, a designer, provide social media support or are involved in any other creative discipline, your skills are needed everywhere.
As a social anthropologist, I’ve been engaged in the user experience for over 25 years and the opportunities are only ever increasing.

What’s your experience, either working in the discipline or as a consumer?
What skills do you possess – or want to learn – to support people contracted to define the user experience?

Recognise the value of volunteers

It’s really important to recognise that people volunteer for many reasons. Those reasons often coincide with or respond to basic needs that they want to fulfill. Some of those needs include: The need to improve or maintain self-esteem The need to feel that one’s contribution is genuinely useful and helpful The need to have a sense … Read moreRecognise the value of volunteers

Do you know the number 1 reason why people don’t volunteer?

The main reason why people say they have not volunteered is because they have NOT been ASKED. So ask! Ask everyone you meet, do business with or see socially, from the owner of the corner shop to other parents at the school gate. Have others in your office do the same and start asking people to become involved. … Read moreDo you know the number 1 reason why people don’t volunteer?

Recruiting Volunteers – Ideas

Recruiting volunteers and having a party too. Consider holding a “you plus two” party. Ask everyone to bring along two people who they think might be suitable volunteers. A party is a great way to introduce people to your organization and to show them what great fun volunteering can be. They just might volunteer on the spot. Or, they … Read moreRecruiting Volunteers – Ideas

Full Cost Recovery

Voluntary organisations, like their counterparts in the public and private sectors, incur organisational overhead costs in addition to project costs. Full Cost Recovery means accounting for an organisation’s expenditure on the basis of incorporating all costs incurred by the organisation – Core (or Overhead) Expenditure as well as Project Specific. Full Cost Recovery is essential for ensuring that … Read moreFull Cost Recovery

Sustainable Fundraising

Increasingly, charities and voluntary groups are being told to move away from grant dependency, and to become more business-like, earn income and consider loan finance. Additionally opportunities for delivering public services are increasing. Organisations need to react accordingly to survive and prosper in this new environment. Thus to achieve sustainability in the current economic climate, an organisation’s funding needs … Read moreSustainable Fundraising

Fundraising – be precise.

Be precise Tips Always be sure you know exactly why you are raising funds; there’s nothing more off putting to a potential supporter than you not being able to tell them how their money will be used.  It might be that you want to buy new equipment, that’s a good start, but if you say you … Read moreFundraising – be precise.

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