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Recognise the value of volunteers

It’s really important to recognise that people volunteer for many reasons. Those reasons often coincide with or respond to basic needs that they want to fulfill. Some of those needs include: The need to improve or maintain self-esteem The need to feel that one’s contribution is genuinely useful and helpful The need to have a sense … Read moreRecognise the value of volunteers

Do you know the number 1 reason why people don’t volunteer?

The main reason why people say they have not volunteered is because they have NOT been ASKED. So ask! Ask everyone you meet, do business with or see socially, from the owner of the corner shop to other parents at the school gate. Have others in your office do the same and start asking people to become involved. … Read moreDo you know the number 1 reason why people don’t volunteer?

Recruiting Volunteers – Ideas

Recruiting volunteers and having a party too. Consider holding a “you plus two” party. Ask everyone to bring along two people who they think might be suitable volunteers. A party is a great way to introduce people to your organization and to show them what great fun volunteering can be. They just might volunteer on the spot. Or, they … Read moreRecruiting Volunteers – Ideas

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