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Helping you see the service you provide
through the eyes of your clients

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Our Approach to Involving Communities and Capturing the User Experience

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Step 1

For all, we define your objectives. We clarify your mission and values. We familiarise ourselves with your organisation. For charities, we review your charitable objects.

We define your community. 
To ensure every type of user is represented, and if appropriate, we create user personas: different users of service, staff and other stakeholders.

Step 2


We map your customer’s journeys and experiences by choosing from a range of research methods:  participant observation, ethnography, surveys, one-to-one interviews, workshops, focus groups, or through custom designed and innovative methods of involvement.
When appropriate to do so, we recruit assistance from the community itself. 

Step 3


We create affinity diagrams to sort the various data and draft our report of recommendations, which includes actionable insights.

We involve your community in reviewing the report and testing our results.

Step 4


We present the report in an appropriate format to satisfy your organisation’s requirements. 
We can supply, for eg, an Evidence of Need report to support funding applications.
We can provide summary reports to present to stakeholders, funders, or the board.
We can provide action plans to address inter-departmental conflict.

Step 5


You make a choice;  we can stay with your organisation to implement the findings, or draw up a strategy or action plan to achieve the objectives, then supervise the work from arm’s length, or we can just leave you to it.

How we work

We can work for you
We can take on your project and complete it to your satisfaction. 

This is often the most affordable option; we’re not an agency, so there is no commission to pay; as we are self-employed, you have no associated employer’s costs: NI, holiday pay, pension contribution, sick pay etc. We charge a simple daily rate.

An initial phone call will soon establish if Involving Communities can help. 

We can work alongside you
Using this method, between us we decide which tasks need to be completed, draw up a programme of work – with deadlines and outcomes – and work with you, your staff or volunteers until you are completely satisfied. 
Ultimately your staff is equipped with the skills to perform the tasks without our help in the future. This reduces your ongoing costs and ensures you, your staff, your board or committee and volunteers are continuing their professional development.

We can set the work for you to complete yourselves
The third way of working is for Involving Communities to work with you to design a project or piece of work, we draw up a programme, with deadlines and outcomes and leave you to do the work yourselves. 

Depending on the type of project, we can become part of your team for a period of time. This option is particularly attractive to those organisations who require holiday cover, need projects completing, require end of project reports writing, or need us to detect the cause of inter-departmental conflict. 

Pro Bono
Depending on your stage of development or project requirements, we frequently offer our services to charities and community groups on an expenses only basis.

How we work with the Private Sector

As User Experience Researchers

We are very adaptable and can either join your team as an extra pair of hands, or take responsibility for the discovery phase of your research. 
Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

As Business Anthropologists

See “Approach” above.
We meet your representative to establish your requirements by defining the areas of concern and the community (for example, staff, team leaders, department heads) that you wish us to observe. 


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