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Involving Communities Ltd

Helping you see the service you provide
through the eyes of your clients

Public Sector

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Social Housing Sector

Do you struggle to engage with specific client groups in your community? We design (and can conduct) creative methods of involving your communities in decisions leading to service development and improvement.

We have worked for many Social Housing Providers. We’ve worked with residents to write Compacts; we’ve helped create robust methods of reviewing services; we’ve trained staff and residents in equality and diversity; we’ve helped prepare departments for audit – which involved reviewing every aspect of service provision. How can we help you? 
Visit the Resident Involvement page to read more.  For different methods of involving residents and tenants, see the ABC of Resident Involvement.

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Public Sector

We consult with your communities to establish reasons for, and solutions to, lack of engagement in services.

We have conducted research on behalf the NHS – Dental Services and other departments. Read some of our case studies. Read more…

In 2001, Ali Draper conducted a community consultation to support the – subsequently successful – application of Newcastle under Lyme for Sure Start funding.

Follow the links to discover specific methods of resident and tenant involvement.

Armchair methods of involvement

Broadband methods of involvement

Conventional methods of involvement

Involving Communities helps you understand your community
by involving them in the process.
We apply anthropological research methods and techniques to review your PrivatePublic or Third Sector business, service or project.

We will never agree to conduct a consultation where you have already decided the outcome.
We’re passionate about the voice of the community and flatly refuse to engage in coercion, subterfuge or any other attempt at placating the community or giving false hope. 

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