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The Benefits of Resident Involvement

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Benefits to the
social housing provider

The benefits of good resident Involvement can be considerable. Benefits can be at an organisational level, an individual resident level and a community level. Benefits to the organisation can include; cost savings on the design and delivery of new projects, reduction in voids and transfers, provision of a value for money service and being accountable to residents and regulators. 

Benefits to the

Benefits to residents include; having resident focused services, opportunities to gain new skills (e.g. gain qualifications and work experience) and making a difference to the communities in which they live. 

Benefits to the 

Benefits to the community can include cleaner, greener and safer spaces with good social cohesion and reduction in anti social behaviour. Follow this link to see a range of methods of resident involvement.

Resident Involvement today and in the future

In an era when every penny counts, any activity or project performed by housing organisations needs to show more than ever the clear benefit of such activities. Financial benefits are often easier to identify and quantify but it is the personal and community benefits that have been harder to demonstrate; Involving Communities can show you how.

Involving Communities

We are a small consultancy with extensive experience working with social housing providers and their communities. We design innovative projects to engage your communities of tenants; we can focus specifically on tenants with whom you struggle to engage, or our focus can be to address specific services you provide to garner opinion, support and engagement from your tenants.
When we design project for you we are able to design in social value measures ensuring compliance with The Social Value Act (2012).

To demonstrate the benefit of resident involvement you have to be able to show that the initiative delivered better outcomes as a result of good involvement than it would have done had involvement been poor or absent.
Involving Communities can design projects which include outputs, outcomes and ways to measure results. 

We can work with you
or for you 

Through our work with tenants we have learned that the most successful projects are the ones designed alongside the tenants themselves. From the moment we are recruited – and have learned your objectives – we begin working with your tenants to ensure wide and diverse communities are involved. 

Our projects 

You can recruit us as an extra pair of hands to supplement your existing resident involvement team; you can request our consultancy services where we will design a project alongside your residents, alternatively you can purchase an ‘off the peg’ ready to go project.

We will never agree to conduct a consultation where you have already decided the outcome.
We’re passionate about the voice of the community and flatly refuse to engage in coercion, subterfuge or any other attempt at placating the community and giving false hope. 



Conventional Methods

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