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Introducing Communities and the User Experience

Communities and the User Experience

Communities can be as large or as small as you can imagine; the people in your town or street, your organisation, department or team; your Sunday football team and your mums and toddler group are all examples of communities.
When you provide a service or product, considering your users’ experience is key to a successful and ongoing relationship. You want your website, product, shop or app to be used, you want new subscribers and for existing ones to return.
When did you last consider your user’s experience of your product?

Start-ups are generally better at asking for feedback during the development stage, existing organisations are not quite as good.
If you are continually expanding your range, pages, features, ask your community what they think. Don’t assume you know.
Ask, create, build, ask again. 
User Experience isn’t a term reserved for digital environments; resident involvement, tenant or community engagement is capturing the user experience; the process of gathering data to supplement charity funding applications, or information to insert in your business plan – providing Evidence of Need – are all examples of capturing the user’s experience.

Whether you run a poll, design a survey or hold a focus group (online or off), creativity is key.
If you are a writer, a designer, provide social media support or are involved in any other creative discipline, your skills are needed everywhere.
As a social anthropologist, I’ve been engaged in the user experience for over 25 years and the opportunities are only ever increasing.

What’s your experience, either working in the discipline or as a consumer?
What skills do you possess – or want to learn – to support people contracted to define the user experience?

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