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Helping you see the service you provide
through the eyes of your clients

Introducing Alidra

Where managers of third sector organisations 
find the confidential support they need, when they need it.

Alidra emerged quite naturally; increasingly, new managers of charitable organisations (or managers of new charitable organisations) were asking for support. They didn’t quite need ongoing mentoring, rather they had hit a situation of which they had little or no experience and they needed a sounding board to mull over an idea, or needed an objective ear to help them understand the various options available.

Let’s face it, if a situation presents itself, you don’t always know where to find the solution.

As a consequence, it was decided to have a dedicated website, Facebook Page and Facebook Group to offer this particular type of support.
We still offer the phone-call service, but now questions can be asked in the Group and it not only means those puzzling out a predicament receive a fairly quick response, but those reading are learning too.
Why not join us?

Link to website
Link to the Page  
Link to the Group

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